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We are providing Covid-19 social distancing guards services in the following areas:

Retail Stores, Office Buildings, Residential & Commercial, Financial Institutions, Nursing Homes, Supermarkets, Construction Sites & more.

Pandemic Response Security Officers Can be utilized to maintain Security for:

Crowd control, social distancing (6-feet distance from each other), to check temperatures, Give limited people entry to premises, to ensure employees use gloves and masks in the workplace and to enforce safety regulations.

If you are in need of temporary or permanent security services in this sensitive time COVID-19. Please call us for a free security service quote 800-884-2225. We Provide security in NYC, New jersey and Long island.

Garrison Security Protection offers expertly trained armed and unarmed executive/personal protection agents, personal bodyguards, and transportation/security escorts throughout the New York and New Jersey area. Garrison Security has provided personal security for malls, retail locations, offices as well as individuals that need specialized protective security services.

We pride ourselves on keeping our clients safe without compromising their privacy. Our officers are specially trained to identify and analyze any threats or issues that may arise and prevent them from escalating. We approach every assignment and situation with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Our personal security protection services are not only for celebrities and dignitaries. We have found that there are times when an individual will need a security officer temporarily and may only need for just one day.

Whether or not a Garrison security officer is required to be armed will determine the cost involved, however, if you need a driver or do not need a security officer full-time, such as on an international business trip, one can be a surprisingly affordable option.

Private Security Consultation and Threat Evaluation

Garrison Security will sit down with you to discuss your personal protection needs and our security officers will provide the physical force necessary, when needed, to perform direct intervention against attacks. They will also have the ability to identify any potential threats. Garrison security officers will do their utmost to blend in to the situation or will wear the proper attire necessary to show the correct show of security for any event.

Consider Using Garrison Security Officers

Garrison Protective Services can provide security officers for celebrities, corporate executives or families traveling to politically unstable countries, protection at executive meetings and various other forms of protection. While you might wish to hire an individual bodyguard, the advantage of hiring Garrison Protective Services is that our security company will have more resources that can be utilized to keep the client safe.

Contact Garrison Security for elite armed & unarmed security services for yourself, a private security consultation or threat evaluation and more. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in the field.

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