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Fire Watch Security Guards

Certain events require fire watch systems such as a malfunction, the absence of fire protection equipment or fire related systems. This can include, fire sprinklers not working properly, a fire alarm malfunctioning, water being shut down for repairs, heightened risk of fire due to chemical storage, flammable material or toxic waste that would make it a situation that can be very dangerous if left unnoticed.

Garrison Protection Services is a leader in the fire watch guard field since 1977, serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We offer well trained, knowledgeable fire watch security guards to safeguard your corporate premises and help ensure the safety of your employees and fire related equipment. Garrison Fire Watch Security Guards are certified professionals that undergo in-depth training and a thorough screening process to understand and follow the State and Fire Marshall protocols and provide detailed reports to the proper authorities.

Our Fire Watch Safety Guards have patrolled and secured multi-level residential and commercial properties in addition to construction sites, private events, government facilities and more. All Garrison Protection supervisors are always available and accessible should an emergency arise and our teams of trained guards allow you to be at ease when unable to be at your property.

Complete our online form to have Garrison assist in your Fire Watch Safety needs or please call us at 1-800-884-2225.

Fire Watch Security Services

Our fire watch security guards become familiar with the company’s property and will identify specific areas of heightened fire risk. Garrison Fire Watch Security Guards understand why the watch is necessary, and can determine where the potential risk factors are located. We will determine what materials are highly flammable or toxic and can be a potential danger to the facility. They will then ensure that those areas are secure and have adequate fire protection devices/apparatus, in addition to all other areas of the premises.

Our 24/7 dispatch center ensures that our fire watch guards are active and monitoring the area by staying in contact with our control center, you, and the fire department. Garrison Fire Watch guards maintain fire logs that are available for review for the fire department and the owner of the building. A majority of clients are unaware of the fire related procedures, the fire watch safety guard provides information in case the risk turns into a reality. Should an immediate danger be detected, our Fire Watch Safety Guards will immediately transmit this information to the nearest Fire Department and its building residents.

The fire watch safety guard will activate the alarm systems and assist with the evacuation of the building occupants and will ensure they are brought to a safe area. A fire is a real and unpredictable danger and should only be handled by experienced and trained professionals. Garrison Protection Services offers Fire Watch Safety Services that include the following:

• Fire Safety Plan Design
• Emergency Action Plan Design
• Fire Safety Device Maintenance
• Location Inspection
• Fire Code Compliance
• Violation Correction
• Fire Drills
• Evacuation Drills
• Fire Safety Seminars
• Fire Watch Services
• Disaster, Crisis & Emergency Response

We pride ourselves on delivering a reliable, safe, and secure solution to your fire watch needs and we consider it our goal to ensure the security and well-being of your personnel and premises. Contact Garrison Protection Services now and stay secure.

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